Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Skype now

We do a video chat with my parents every week or two so that they can see and hear what the Bug is up to, in her own words (and songs). We'd been using SightSpeed, but had run into a stretch of terrible luck and uncompleted calls. So last week, we switched to Skype - what a difference! It seems much more reliable, the picture quality is quite good, even blown up to full screen, and the audio actually works so we don't have to carry both the phone and the laptop around with us.


Stacey said...

that's great! we've been doing ichat with my brother and his wife in CA. it's great to "see" people in real time when they're so far away!

Georgia said...

That's awesome!! I use Skype for work quite a bit & it is a great tool for meetings! I met with someone in India a couple of weeks ago & it was definitely cool!