Friday, April 3, 2009

Dueling fiddles

I am contrite in the face of some alarming new evidence. I fear the situation depicted yesterday may be less than entirely accurate. In homage to the Obama administration, complete transparency is demanded. In that spirit, allow me to present the following:

Exhibit A: Dinner time. The Bug's just gotten her second plate of pasta onto which she's sprinkled a generous spoonful of parmesan. She asks for more; Mommy says she has enough cheese. She asks again; she says "please;" Mommy envisions being the recipient of the Bug's biggest post-dinner hug. Mommy passes the cheese, and the Bug helps herself to more.

Exhibit B: Bath time. The Bug has five wash cloths. She asks for the blue one. Mommy explains the blue one is in the hamper. Again with the "please." Mommy digs the blue wash cloth out of the hamper; washes it in the sink; tosses it into the tub.

Methinks accurate fiddle accounting would show that the Bug is orchestrating something of a jam session.


Joker said...

Don't neglect the part about how you were unaware of being fiddled until I let you in on it.

Fiddle indeed.

Angie said...

Yes, apparently part of the Bug's fiddle art is that the fiddled is completely unaware it's happening at all.

Georgia said...

Awesome.....totally awesome!!!! The Bug will be elevated to Jedi before we know it!! she already there?? hmmm.......