Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heck yeah, Iowa and Vermont!

A hearty - if slightly belated - congratulations to our civil rights-loving friends in Iowa and Vermont! In the last week, both Iowa and Vermont have joined Massachusetts and Connecticut (as well as Belgium, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, and most recently Sweden) in legalizing same-sex marriages. The two latest victories are each notable for a different reason. Iowa becomes the first state not located on one of the "liberal" coasts to overturn a gay marriage ban, and Vermont is the first proactive legislation not spurred by a court mandate.

As I have said before, I truly believe we will look back on the gay marriage issue as akin to the old miscegenation laws banning interracial marriage. There is some very good momentum here, and every person who values his or her civil rights should feel proud. Other states, including New York and New Jersey, are currently preparing legislation to allow for same-sex marriages. Yes, there is a lot of work to do, but we're making some real progress.

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