Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sleeveless in October

Today we had some of the most stunning fall weather I can remember. I even wore a tank top and flip flops for a great New England afternoon. After the Bug's nap, we went to Eden Farms in Stamford. We hadn't been there before, though it's just a ten minute drive from our house. It appears to be a full-service greenhouse and nursery during the spring and summer, but it's totally decked out in Halloween splendor this month! They had a haunted house for the little ones amid the beautiful mums, a witch in the big tree out front, and one of the proprietors dressed as Dracula. We took a hay ride down the hill to the pumpkin patch where there were pony rides and face painting. It took the Bug a little while to settle in to the scene, but she loved the horses, found herself the perfect pumpkin, and didn't want to leave.

I'm so glad we shared a fun day, because I'll be away from the little Bug in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow I am off for a 4-day business trip to Cannes. It's for an international television conference - not the film festival - but it should be a pretty neat trip. I still do not have a laptop (argh!), so I'll have pretty limited access to the internet. I do hope to post from across the pond, though... and I'll put up some pictures on Friday either way!

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