Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Bug and the Grands

A very special aspect about our little weekend away was that the Bug really got the chance to bond with my parents. We live in Connecticut; they live in Colorado; and one of my greatest fears is that the Bug won't get to know them. It's a little unfounded given the time we've spent together during the past 16 months, but I still have that concern.

When Mom and Dad arrived on Thursday night, the Bug was already asleep. But when she woke up on Friday morning she was completely comfortable with them from the get-go. It was probably a combination of remembering them from prior visits and seeing their pictures and talking about them every day, but they were not remotely unfamiliar to her. She missed Joker and I when we were away, but she obviously had a fabulous weekend. And when my parents were getting in to the car to go to the airport, she reached out for them and didn't want them to go. Joker and I could not have been more pleased!

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