Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bonjour! Merci!

That pretty much sums up my French vocabulary, even after spending the past three days in Cannes. I was there for Mipcom, which is a huge international television marketplace. It was a great success for Fuse, particularly since we had never been there before. We had great meetings, met tons of people, and certainly plan to return for future markets.

The town of Cannes is not nearly as exciting as I had hoped. It has very little history or culture, and primarily serves as host to numerous conventions every year. There is a small museum housed in an old watchtower, with an odd collection of old a few Himalayan, Peruvian, Polynesian, Egyptian and Alaskan artifacts, and some mid-19th century paintings of Cannes and the environs. The old town is comprised of two or three picturesque streets leading up the hill from the harbor. The harbor is cram packed with yachts, and the beach is lovely if not as impressive as you might imagine.

Our meals were amazing, though I was told that food is hit or miss in Cannes, with a "miss" entailing spending a ton of money for very bad food. Wine was also delicious, and people drank a great deal of rose. We had picture perfect weather... all in all, not a terrible place for a business trip.

Here are a few of my photos:

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