Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Any Buffy fan who is looking for at least a momentary fix should absolutely pick up Fray, Joss Whedon's graphic novel collection of the comics that ran concurrently with Season 7. I loved it!

Melaka Fray is a slayer in the slums of New York centuries in the future. She's got a little bit of Buffy, a little bit of Faith, and a whole bunch of unique baggage and attitude... all packed into a tiny, ass-kicking frame (with Illyria's blue hair). She's great - and her supporting cast that includes sister Erin, unlikely sorta-watcher Urkonn, and little Loo does not disappoint.

I have now managed to consume everything canonical in the world of Joss Whedon, and truly believe he's a creative genius. If you are still part of the uninitiated, watch some Buffy, and you'll soon be crying for hits of Firefly and Angel right to the vein. Even if you haven't seen - or liked - a second of Buffy, Fray will lure you in. Enjoy!

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