Thursday, November 7, 2013

(Overdue) Halloween hoo-ha

We had a really fun Halloween this year - the kids are just about the perfect age for all the shenanigans. So even though it's a week ago already, here are a few fun highlights.

We were late to pick out our pumpkins, but were so happy to buy them at J.P. Total's, a local business that had been hit pretty hard by the recent flooding.  As expected, the pumpkins were awesome, the animatronics amusing and the cider tasty.  When we carved 'em that evening, the Bug wanted a scary pumpkin like Joker.  The Bunny initially wanted a happy princess pumpkin, but as soon as she saw Daddy's, the order changed to MAD PRINCESS. 

Mine?  Clearly Surprise!!!  Followed by Bug's, Joker's and MAD PRINCESS!     

A fun new tradition we tried out this year: Trunk-or-Treat at the school.  Various cars - including our friends' hearse, which was totally the best - were decorated in the school parking lot, giving the kids a very safe and comfortable Friday-before-Halloween venue to seek candy, check out each others' costumes and see the "Haunted hallway."  Really good stuff.

The girls' costumes?  Bunny was a cupcake fairy.  Since, you know, that's made up... I decorated some wings and a wand with cupcake stickers and such.  She wore a tutu, and basically looked like she was dressed for a Tuesday at school.  The Bug was a witch (a scary one), but wouldn't let me take a single picture in her awesome hat.  So sadly, not much to say there.

And Halloween itself... really fun daytime kids parties at the school.  Freezing cold night for trick-or-treating, which quickly devolved into returning to our house for The Great Pumpkin while the adults drank wine.

Oh and best idea of all time?  I "allowed" the kids to do science experiments with their candy.  By the time they'd dissolved all they possibly could into a glass of water, we were left with next to nothin'!

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