Monday, November 18, 2013

Bunny's 4th birthday

Somehow or another, and without nearly enough warning, the Bunny turned four last week.  We celebrated in world-class style over several days, and can hopefully have a little time now to recover.

The parties kicked off with frosted, sprinkled brownies at school on her actual birthday.  Then we took dinner (per Bunny's request: baked ziti, meatballs, carrot sticks with ranch dressing) to Aunt Jessie's house for a party with Mima, Boppie and the great-grands.  Not only did she get a rainbow ice cream cake, but she also got some super fun presents.  And the Bug did pretty well, too, raking in her share of un-birthday gifts.

Yesterday was the Bunny's very first Friend Party, and a pile of four-year-olds, their siblings and their parents came over for an afternoon of fun.  We stole a fantastic idea from our friends and temporarily converted the garage into a rec room, complete with astroturf, picnic tables, coloring stations, hula hoops and a disco ball.  The kids had a blast.  The grownups did, too.

So what changes has turning four brought to our little Bunny?  Well, she's still all curls and attitude.  She can now pronounce her letter "l"s, which is actually a little disappointing to me.  She's doing great in school and forging new friendships.  The Bug is still her very best buddy, although they do argue with a bit too much frequency.  She's getting closer to actually swimming; she's excited for ski season; and she did eventually enjoy playing soccer.  She still likes to cuddle with Mommy.  She loves our little black cats.  She doesn't have nearly the sweet tooth of her sister, but she'll take a slice of cheese pizza any day.  Hilarious things come out of her mouth, including her recent adoption of the phrase "What the...." (She also recently told me not to call her "smartiepants" any more.  "Call me smartie, and call my pants pants.") The Bunny?  She's just a sweet little pumpkin pie who makes us all smile. 

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