Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Long hiatus, but now I have a job

Or, wherein I reflect on unemployment

So I'm finally back to work again, and if my start-up exhaustion weren't enough, I'm now back to - you guessed it - helping start-ups.  I'm super psyched to be back in Adultville, and talking about things like profits and exit strategies and "the warts on a deal" again.  Trust me, I love this stuff.

And now that I'm commuting (first time in a car, with the exception of my brief L.A. tenure), and my kids are back in school, and I am still trying my best to fit in CrossFit, and I like to read my newspaper and boy do I love 5am!, and, and...... I'm also fondly recalling my months of not doing so.

After the initial stress and being bummed out, I snowboarded.  A lot, really.  I got in the best shape of my adult life.  I went on field trips and drove my kids to pony camp.  I learned to ride a mountain bike (still lots of ground to be gained there, but it's a start). 

I took my kids to the pool.  A lot.  During which time the Bug really learned to swim and jumped off the diving board, and the Bunny got infinitely more comfortable in the water and jumped off the side.  We went to Lakeside and the zoo.  We went to Wyoming and South Dakota and Utah.  We camped a little and played at the farm. 

So, how did I feel about unemployment?  Undoubtedly it was a blow to my ego and a source of frustration.  I think I'm a better parent - and person to be around - when I am fulfilled on all fronts.  But I am glad that my support staff (you know, Joker and the girls and my parents and friends) all encouraged me to enjoy it.  Because, you know what?  I did.

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