Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lake concerts are awesome

I'm not really sure how I've managed to miss mentioning the Evergreen Lake Concerts, one of the coolest and most fun town traditions I know of.  All summer long there are free concerts every other Wednesday night at the Evergreen Lake, and the entire town turns out.  Kids swarm (after all, there *is* a bouncy house), grown-ups drink beer and wine, everyone brings blankets and chairs and we've been known to put out some incredible spreads of food to share.  It's a social scene for all ages.  And bonus: the bands are really pretty good!

What we only learned last month, though, is that on the other Wednesdays there's still a lake concert - one with a suggested donation that benefits a local organization.  These are a far smaller scene, and the kids have to swarm in the trees and lawn (no bouncy house), but it gives the adults a chance to actually relax while we sip wine outside and listen to music.

That's our buddy - the dude in the green skirt.
 In all, the lake concert series is one fun town initiative.  Another reason to love Evergreen.

Nice post-concert view, right?

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