Thursday, December 13, 2012

the missing

Like any math dork, I keep my holiday card list in an Excel spreadsheet.  I track the ones I add (or drop!) each year, in a separate column from the ones which I've completed.  And every year throws its complications right at me: new babies I've seen on Facebook that I know are named... well... um...

So you get it.  I have a list.

And each year, my list has a hole in it. 

This year, I will not write a letter to my Great Aunt Marion.  Who I love, and this void is physical.

But the reason I am writing instead of addressing letters... well, this has been a hole for years now.  Every year, I write my cards to friends that I shared with James.  And every year I cry because I still miss him. 

1 comment:

Angie said...

Dear James,
I would punch through walls for you. My girls will only know you from my memory. But know you they will. And I...... Well, James, I will miss you. I will just, plain, always miss you.

Always. always.