Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back to Key West

We returned to Key West for another weekend get-away (without the kids) last weekend, and had another super fun time.  The weather was beautiful - sunny and warm - the drinks were cold and the food was delicious.  I managed to see a couple landmarks I'd never seen before: the beach (no joke - first time there), the Southernmost Point (a giant marker in the middle of a sidewalk - utterly skippable, except that for a moment I was the Southernmost person in the Continental U.S., which I suppose was something) and Mile Marker 0 (which I have clearly walked past before since it's between the Green Parrot and the post office).

We also tried a few new restaurants, at least one of which is worth adding to our roster: Santiago's Bodega - delicious tapas!  And, we found an alternative to Mallory Square to watch the sunset: the porch behind Louie's Backyard.  Great views, no crowd and cocktail in hand.  (It's also worth noting their dining room looked lovely and the menu sounded delicious.)
Sunset from Louie's Backyard

We did make the effort to go under the sea.  Our first dive was cancelled for conditions.  And the second, well... Joker enjoyed it.  Unfortunately my stuffed up nose made equalizing my ears impossible, and I had to abort the dive during the descent.  It was rather depressing, first time this has happened to me, but I guess there are worse ways to spend a morning than on a dive boat chatting with the captain in the sun.  If the seas hadn't been quite so nauseating, I'd go so far as to say it was quite pleasant. 

Pelican at the marina
Other than that... we walked, we sunned, we ate and we drank. It was a fantastic get-away, and we owe Mima and Boppie big-time for the opportunity!

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