Monday, November 19, 2012

Programs and parties

The girls are both off for this whole week, which meant last week featured their Thanksgiving activities.  The Bunny had a feast at school, where all of the preschool kids sat at tiny tables with construction paper placemats.  They mostly just ate the chocolate chip pumpkin bread, although there were some turkey slices that didn't go to waste.  The feast was followed by her very first program performance.  Unlike the Bug's early showings, it went perfectly.  The Bunny was quite the leader of her little class of all boys, she knew all the words, she didn't get nervous being in front of all the mommies and daddies.  Plus, added bonus: turkey masks.

The Bug wrapped up the Native American unit at school with an activity called "Travel Time" on Friday.  The kids rotated through four centers: they ate fry bread with berry sauce; they played a couple of Native American hunting games (this is the one I moderated - totally fun); they made turtle rattles; and they made headdresses with feathers that they had earned by doing good deeds over the prior weeks.  It was all pretty neat, and the kids had a blast.

To top it off, we hosted a little birthday party for the Bunny on Sunday evening.  She had requested a "rainbow cake," which I tackled boldly.  I found a recipe that had me splitting a couple of boxes of white cake mix into six different colors, baked each one separately, made some frosting.  Then cake assembly would be to ice the layers together such that a slice showed each color cleanly.  The cakes looked awesome - the colors were super bright!  But they also stuck like glue, first in the pans, then onto the plates I put them on.  All six layers went into the garbage, and a back-up batch of cupcakes was started at almost 10:30 on Saturday night.  Oy.  The cupcakes ended up looking great, though - a variation on the rainbow cake theme, I guess.  And the party was a ton of fun.

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