Friday, November 16, 2012

Big week for the little Bunny

I'm not exactly sure how this is possible, but the Bunny turned three on Tuesday.  As in, three years.  As she's reminded me about a zillion times, she is not a baby now. 

So the entry into the magical year of three apparently entails: 

  • Wearing a crown all day at school - specifically, a pink and purple one.  With a glittery "3" on it.
  • Bringing brownies to share with friends at school.  And the following day, bringing brownies to share with friends at daycare.  
  • Getting a stack of glittery princess and/or fairy-related cards in the mail, which big sister can "read" to you.
  • Getting a stack of glittery princess and/or fairy-related presents, all wrapped in pink or a pink-like color, which big sister "helps" to open before immediately co-opting just over half of them for herself.
  • Candles stuck into chocolate chip cookies to blow out on the actual birthday.
  • A still-upcoming birthday party - co-starring best birthday buddy Aunt Jessie - for which a rainbow cake with rainbow frosting and rainbow sprinkles and purple rainbow sprinkles has been requested.
I can't fill you in on the vitals - as per usual, her well-child appointment is still in the not-so-distant future - but I can tell you a few things.  She loves fairies, princesses and pink.  Her best friend is her big sister Bug.  She still doesn't sleep through the night with the kind of regularity one might like to see.  She may be a tad strong willed; for example, she hasn't had milk since we gave her sippies to the Sippy Cup Fairy, for redistribution to little kids who still need them, in June.  She is excellent at kisses, hugs and fish faces.  She is a great dancer.  She resists both shoes and coats, but is partial to her "tiny striped mittens."  She is looking forward to skiing this winter.  She loves her cats and elk and deer and rabbits (especially Sparkle, who lives under the rocks outside our dining room).  Her roar (lion, tiger, whatever) is the least threatening you'll ever hear.  And her awesome curly mop has yet to be trimmed.

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