Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First month of the big K

The Bug's first kindergarten parent-teacher conference was a couple of weeks ago.  It felt extremely early to me - what in the world can someone know about your kid in just a month? - but Joker and I both went enthusiastically and took our places in the tiny chairs to hear what's what.

The short report: she's doing awesome.  Top reading group, great at math (as she informed Mrs. Grose, "four hundred plus four hundred is eight hundred"), and above all else, she love-love-LOVES school.  Perhaps most importantly - especially in the context of where she was a year ago - she is a leader in the classroom, she helps her friends.  She listens attentively and answers questions thoughtfully.  And she'll even move to a quieter spot in the room when her buddies are being too chatty.

All of this is right in sync with what we've been observing thus far.  The Bug is thriving, and every day at kindergarten is a great day.  Really, what more can you ask for?  Plus, she is actually learning to read. 

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