Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Delicious, delicious humble pie

Or, Mountain Biking in Moab

A week ago, Joker and I bought mountain bikes.  Clearly we needed another recreational interest in the mix since we have extra time on our hands.  Anyway, let the record state that I have not owned a bike since my Bianchi, which I'm pretty sure I got in junior high.

We also took the plunge and went clipless.

My first mountain bike ride ever (and I do mean EVER) was in Moab.  For the unaware, Moab is pretty much the world capital of mountain biking, famous for its slickrock trails.  Also, people die when they fall off the cliffs. 

Now, I'd practiced getting my shoe unclipped a couple of times, in a grassy baseball outfield here in Evergreen.  I had yet to succeed while not holding on to a fence.  So after the short paved bike path ride to the trail head, my friend encouraged me to practice getting my foot free while riding in dirt circles.  Lucky for me, the dirt was soft.  I fell over, and over, and over.  Presumably to the great amusement of the giant crowd of out-of-shape people who'd just come off the trail.  I bailed and took the kids to the pool for the afternoon.

The next day, however, I did have some success.  I rode a whole (completely non-technical) trail, and absolutely loved it.  The views of Arches National Park were stunning and the ride was fun.  I succeeded in getting my foot unclipped without falling almost every time.  And I even stayed on my bike while I bounced down a section of the slickrock. 

So, I'm calling the experience a success.  I do, in fact, have a new sport.  And I will learn how to do it.

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