Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look, Ma: no tears!

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten for the Bug.  She'd picked out her clothes over a week ago (and, of course, refused to wear them and opted for a different outfit).  She was super excited.  Yeah, it helped that she knew almost half of her class from preschool.  But still - when asked by her teacher how she felt about starting school, she replied "happy."

I was amazed at the range of emotions exhibited by the parents.  I'd felt a little tear in my eye when I helped her pull on her uniform, but other than that, all great!  Maybe it was because I'd been dropping her off for years already?  Who knows.  But the other end of the spectrum is recurrent enough that the school sponsors a "Boo Hoo Breakfast" for parents.

Joker and I could not have been more pleased that after finding her cubby, depositing her lunch, snack and water bottle in the appropriate bins, and locating her seat, the Bug didn't cry.  She didn't cling.  Frankly, she only tolerated my hug.  And she got down to the business of coloring at the table with three of her friends.  Great stuff.

Yesterday was also the Bunny's first day of preschool.  She also was super excited... until it was time to put her backpack in the cubby.  She grumped a little, wasn't overly enthusiastic to meet her teacher or recognize a friend from her daycare.  But once the My Little Ponies came out, and Joker and I left the room, she started to warm up.  By pick-up time, she was all smiles and curls, just as expected.

Big, fun milestones - I loved school and am so excited for both of them to move forward in the next adventure!

P.S. School uniforms are awesome.  The Bug "hates collared shirts", but by Day 2, getting dressed was a piece of cake.  Boring cake, maybe, but still cake.

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