Friday, August 3, 2012

A little Bug update

The Bug turned five in May, and we finally got her well-child visit taken care of.  (Did I mention I'm a disaster with getting appointments made?  Once I remember to call and schedule, we're all good... it's remembering to call and schedule where I completely fall down.)

Short story, all is great.  She's in the 75th percentile for height, 50th for weight.  She got thumbs-up for liking a variety of vegetables and for taking swimming lessons.  She's super flexible, seems to have decent vision and hearing.  Really, all good.

The biggest news for us is that we are finally a diaper-free zone.  Both girls have given them up, even overnight.  I probably just waltzed into T.M.I. with this, but trust me, it's big news.

Other than that, the Bug is a happy little Colorado girl!  She loves hiking and riding her bike and had a blast at gymnastics camp last month.  She enjoys all of the animals we see in the yard, from the shiny hummingbirds to the chirpy chickadees to the baby (and mama) deer and elk to the bear.  Yeah, we had bear.  She plays with her friends, has an incredible sweet tooth, loves princesses and coloring, and currently wants to be a ballerina or a rock star or a fairy when she grows up.  (Since she wasn't born a mermaid, she knows it'd be practically impossible grow up to be one.  Smart.) 

She's generally happy, likes to play with the Bunny (especially when she's able to boss her around) and is really excited for kindergarten, uniforms and all.  She's not yet reading, but she's close, and isn't that why we send them to school anyway?

There isn't much else to say - she's doing great, she's growing up, we're all having fun.

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