Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who wants to be a beta-tester?

Or, "The one in which I ask for your help."

Collectors Quest is getting very close to our relaunch, which is a happy day for us all here.  As anyone who's worked at a start-up knows, it's also a very big, very important day for us.

In advance of the relaunch, we need to do some serious beta testing on the site.  Which means we need some people who didn't build it to look around and let us know about any problems with the site.

Now, I think beta testing is fun.  You get to see a website pre-launch.  You probably get to find some problems that the development team is unaware of.  And, in this particular case, you get to help me out. 

So if you have some time next week - I'd kill for an hour, be thrilled with half an hour and settle for 15 minutes - and the inclination, let me know!  I'm not looking for software engineers (though I'd not turn you away, either!), but just regular people who, you know, use the internet.  Leave a comment below... send me a message on Facebook or Twitter... even good old fashioned telephone or email will work!  I'll give you the particulars, and voila!  You'll be participating in the launch of a new company, with all the satisfaction that goes with it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in. And I'm not the smartest guy around. So, if I can successfully navigate the new site, that should qualify most of the other slow students as well.