Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter sports

Before Joker and I had kids, we were pretty enthusiastic participants in some of the most expensive and least kid-friendly sports out there: scuba diving, snowboarding and golf.  Suffice it to say, we've done far less of all three since the Bug was born.  Our last ski trip was four years ago this spring, and it was our only one of that season.

Since the Bug has always been timid about new things, we weren't yet holding our breath about getting her into skiing.  We had talked with her about trying to ice skate this year - the Evergreen Lake is just way too awesome not to use it! - and we'd hoped that getting her up on skis would follow.  So imagine our surprise last weekend when we had not one but two incredible successes!  She tried skating at the Lake, and loved it, on Saturday.  And on Monday she skied with Joker and one of her best buddies from school! 

First "run" down the bunny slope
So, it is looking like we will, in fact, be back on the slopes before too long.  The Bunny isn't exactly ready to try it herself, but after watching the post-lesson Bug swoosh her way down solo, I am sure she'll want to join in the fun, too.  Now if we can just get them interested in golf...

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