Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yeah, I'm thankful for you, too

This month, the Bug's school had a spotlight on the Thanksgiving holiday, with a variety of extremely P.C. arts and crafts (I was partial to the Indian face with googly eyes, myself) and seasonal lessons.  Among other things, the kids have a big bulletin board in the front of the school, with each kid's face on a fall leaf.  The leaf says the thing that they're most thankful for.  About 75% of them say "mommy" or "daddy," with most of the rest being a sibling or a pet. 

The Bug's says "necklaces and bracelets."  No Mommy, no Daddy, not even her beloved Mima.  She's thankful for shiny things.

Last night when I tucked her in, I told her that today we'd all get to celebrate the things in our lives that we're most thankful for.  I told her that I'm thankful for her, for her baby sister and for her sweet Daddy.  She told me she's thankful for jewelery.  I prompted her, asked if she's thankful for me or Daddy.  She said "no," though she did add "...and the Bunny!" 

Yeah, I guess that's sweet.  But honestly, it's no consolation. 

All the best and happiest to you and yours!

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