Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Show me some leg, baby

While it shows up frequently on out-of-towners' lists of New York things to do, going to see the Rockettes perform doesn't generally come up that much among the locals.  Most people I know have never even considered going.  But last night, through the generosity of my employer, I was able to take Joker and the Bug to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.

Approaching Radio City, it really looked like Christmas: the lights were beautiful and the crowd was bustling.  (Whether I think it's appropriate for anything to look like Christmas in early November is another subject altogether.)  The venue is absolutely stunning, and looks tremendous with the lights and the decorations!  The staff handed a candy cane to everyone who entered, and the Bug was enthralled by the downstairs lobby, which was essentially an intricate candy store. 

The show, however, I could take or leave.  The Rockettes... well, frankly, they don't do it for me.  They are extremely skilled and their dancing is very mechanical and very precise and I sure as hell couldn't do it.  But it bores me.  Their singing is completely on pitch, but leaves me flat - at a Broadway show or the opera, I feel it in my heart when they sing; the Rockettes might as well have been a recording.

As for the Bug, well, she loved Santa.  I think she liked the Rockettes alright, but she really loved Santa.  When he first came on stage she sat up high and squealed - that little action made the whole night worth it.  When we all put on our 3-D glasses and watched Santa's ride to New York City, she was mesmerized.  And after it was over, the sweet thing put her glasses on precious Yellow Baby so that she could see Santa, too.


Carly Brantz said...

I love her thoughtfulness with yellow baby! Sam has yellow baby too - although her name is Hope.

Angie said...

Naming is not Bug's strong suit. Some of her very favorite dolls/animals are Yellow Baby, Pink Baby, Pandy, Doggy, Beary, Pink Bear and Little Pink Bear. I'm pretty sure you could pick each one out of a line-up!