Thursday, September 23, 2010

Battle of wills

The Bunny got a big ole ear infection a couple of weeks ago, which made her downright miserable.  She would cry and whimper all night long, so Joker or I would pick her up and comfort her, but she wouldn't want to be put back into her crib.  So we made the total rookie mistake of bringing her into bed with us.  Every night.  And usually more than once.  We were jackasses.

After a couple of weeks of truly terrible sleep - by us; she was completely content - we decided it had to happen.  She was going back in the crib.  Period.  All night long.  Whatever it took.  Tuesday night, the battle of wills began.  I am happy to say that in the end, Joker and I did prevail.  But it took two hours of back-rubbing, soft cooing.  (I admittedly suffered from a moment of weakness after about 1 1/2 hours of this ordeal, shouting to Joker "Just pick her up!"  To which he replied, "Turn off the monitor and stop listening!")  I have no idea how she could *seem* completely asleep, and yet begin to wail the second I left the room.  It was with pride, though, that I barely even had to comfort her last night - two small cries, I didn't even pick her up, and I was out of her room in less than five minutes.  With luck, her sleeping all night is back on track.

In other news, apparently we've been feeding her Beetlejuice for a week or so.  How gross is that?

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