Thursday, August 26, 2010

A man, a plan a... gnu?

I've mentioned that Uncle Shane has a cool job that forces him to see places near and far, right? 

Enter South Africa, which from all but his last two days appeared as a magical generic urban landscape.  Apparently Pretoria isn't all that.  The animal parks surrounding Johannesberg are, however, all that.  Shaner saw lions and tigers and bears zebras and rhinos (and wildebeests, cheetahs, warthogs and more) oh my!

On the other - or at least AN other - end of the earth, he saw the Panama Canal.  Which praise be to my favorite President is apparently still an engineering feat to awe and inspire.

Note to Shane: we noticed that these were both sent from their countries of origin.  Thanks!  And, bonus: cool stamps! 


Anonymous said...

Ha - glad you appreciated the local postmarks. Not so easy in some places. In fact, bribes were involved for both.

Angie said...

Totally appreciated them, especially knowing the blood, sweat and tears involved. Not that I want to bust your chops for mailing others from DC, but...