Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fearless Readers: The Brothers K

Great, fun conversation about Things Fall Apart last night, including comparisons to literature and film from all over the map: Heart of Darkness, of course, plus Gone With the Wind, Apocalypse Now and more.  We nearly landed on a couple of different books for next time, before launching into a booze-fueled discussion of what it meant to be a truly fearless reader.

So... next up is my all-time favorite book, The Brothers Karamazov by  Fyodor Dostoevsky.  I'm recommending the Pevear/Volokonsky translation, which I have not read myself but am undertaking for this re-read; in my opinion, no other translators come close.  The meeting will be on September 29 in Manhattan, location TBD.  If you have never read this amazing book, now is the time!

For what it's worth, our discussion queued up Ulysses and Gravity's Rainbow after Brothers K.  Now when we say "fearless," we ain't kidding.

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