Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sleepy sleepy

Is it possible that the Bunny is already teething? She's been a total slobber monster lately, constantly cramming her entire fist into her mouth and gnawing. Combine that with her newly-discovered rolling skills (full-on back-to-tummy) and she is really not sleeping well. Plus, she's loud. So in an effort to keep her roommate (the Bug) in the land of nod, Joker and I are there to cater to her every whim. All this is leaving me very sleepy, indeed.


meg said...

totally could be teething! anna (5 months yesterday) has been teething for weeks. she's constantly drooling and drenched. pediatrician suggested whiskey on the gums. it feels so 1952, but i did it twice and it seems to help. go ahead, call the authorities!

Angie said...

I cannot believe your pediatrician suggested that - it is TOTALLY 1952!! If a little whiskey on the gums is good for helping baby sleep, does the transitive property suggest a big ole glass might help Mommy do the same??