Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Como Zoo - Beardsley Zoo

Mima and Boppie visited Aunt Jessie a week or so ago, and were joined by our aunts, an uncle and some cousins on their visit to the Twin Cities. Among other things, they visited St. Paul's Como Zoo, from which they sent postcards to the Bug and the Bunny.

The following weekend, we took the girls to our local Beardsley Zoo. We love it there - it's small and easy to navigate and we visit often.

Of note this trip: (1) They're trying to mate our two tigers (no mood lighting and Barry White while we were there, but they were in the same pen). And (2) our condor died... at the age of 80! I had no idea those birds lived so long. I'd thought he was looking a bit ragged around the edges, but turns out he was just old.

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