Thursday, February 11, 2010

The new math

So I know the metric system is whacky and all, but according to the sticker on the rolly-cart in our garage, it also employs some of that "new math" I can never get my head around. To wit, 114 kg plus 114 kg is apparently less than or equal to 227 kg.

This is why Europe will never get ahead. I mean, "250 lbs. plus 250 lbs. is less than or equal to 500 lbs." might be grandly stating the obvious, but at least standard measurement still uses the good old-fashioned math we all know and love.

Bonus points to anyone who can explain the point of this sticker.


Anonymous said...

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Cisco said...

Another resaon why I calculate all my weights in stones and all my distances in furlongs.