Thursday, February 25, 2010

Into the groove

I've been back at work for about three weeks now, and settling back into our groove thing has been much easier this time around. The Bug just started pre-school this week, and she's totally loving it. Though when we asked what she did all day, we learned she ate lunch and two snacks, and "had a little rest." Presumably more went on than that, but who can really say? The Bunny is thriving - girl's practically doubled her weight already - so clearly our ace babysitter's regimen is delivering.

That's not to say things are totally easy-peasy. Our days start at 5:30am (not counting any middle-of-the-night fracas) so that we can leave the house in just barely enough time for me to run for the 7:42 train. Evenings are the same drill: get home, cook dinner, eat dinner, bathe children, put them to bed... and hope the clock tells us it's closer to 8:30 than 9:00. The house could be cleaner and the laundry is generally piled up too high, but I've made peace with both of those things. Life's too short and carpe diem and all that.

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