Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I vacuumed today

That might not sound like a blog-worthy activity, but today it was. You see, today I got the Cadillac of vacuums. And I don't mean the "Cadillac" of our generation, but "Cadillac" like when it used to be the Cadillac of cars. Yesterday I was still using the '74 AMC Gremlin with one donut and one bare rim of vacuums. Technically it could get from Point A to Point B, but just barely. And today: Fat City.

The last straw came on Sunday night. We'd taken down the Christmas tree, and there were needles everywhere. The Bug and I swept up the biggest hunks of tree, and I pulled out our craptacular vacuum to finish the job. It sucked not at all. Didn't pick up a single needle. So I used the hose attachment and sucked up all the needles in the hallway one by one. About a million or so needles later, I had to unplug and move to another outlet. When I turned off the so-called machine, every needle fell out of the hose and back onto the floor. I was undaunted; I sucked them each up again. Then I turned off the pathetic excuse for a machine, and every needle fell back to the floor again. Because I was with a toddler I could not scream the f-word at the top of my lungs before hurling said piece of shit off of our balcony. So I used a broom to clean the floor, outwardly calm but seething on the inside. It sucked. (Actually, come to think of it, the broom actually did suck as much as the stupid vacuum.)

So now, I have the Cadillac of vacuums. Our floors are so clean, I am a bit grossed out at how not clean they used to be, even when they were clean. I might even use it again tomorrow.


The Ellis Family said...

New vacuum to the rescue! What kind did you get? I would have been ready to hurl it off the balcony, too. I'm awaiting that day for us. I think we're the only ones in the universe that don't own a Dyson, lol. The old Hoover keeps a suckin', so I'm sticking with it until it quits. Happy vacuuming!

georgia said...

If you got a Dyson Pet, I will be eternally jealous!! Our vacuum keeps on plugging away but I seriously think someone could get me to do just about anything for a Dyson Pet!!!! Congrats!

Steph said...

Tell me, tell me, tell me...is it a Dyson Pet?? I want one soooo bad. If so, I'm jealous too - can I come over and try it out??

Angie said...

Not the Dyson Pet, but some other Dyson. I think the Pet version is even more Cadillac than mine!

Our old one's a Shark, which started out fine but quickly deteriorated. I couldn't even find the freaking filters online, let alone in stores. Boo, hiss!

Big Girl said...

Got a Dyson after throwing a tremendous fit at nine months pregnant declaring, "There is no way I can bring a baby into this house with these floors looking like this!" I can toatlly relate to your post!