Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More stuff I've learned

Since sharing such incredibly useful info in October was so wildly therapeutic, I feel compelled to keep it up with my learnings of the past couple of weeks.

First, breastfed babies can go up to 10 days without making a Number 2. Pretty freaky, right? Since I don't want to go totally TMI on you, let me know if you need to know how to move things along as that day of reckoning approaches.

Second, carpal tunnel syndrome is not only caused by repetitive motion. It is also caused by pregnancy. If that makes no sense to you, you're not alone - the neurologist I visited (!!!) didn't appear to understand it, either. He said it is caused by the fluctuations in hormones, or the fluctuations in fluid... or something else in pregnancy, he's not sure what. Fills me with confidence, too. And for the record, carpal tunnel syndrome sucks.

Third, if your smoke detector battery begins to die, it beeps really loud. At random intervals. Sometimes a couple of times a minute, sometimes it'll give you a break for half an hour or more. It is very annoying. And if your ceiling is 15+ feet above your floor, and the wacky ladder your husband uses to get up that high weighs like a million pounds, you'll learn to live with it for a day. During that day, however, you might get a wee bit irritable.

Fourth, ice cream is still good, even if you're not pregnant any more.

And finally, newborn babies are really, really soft and cuddly. And when they smell good, which is most of the time, they smell really, really nice.


meg said...

thanks for all the useful info! i can relate to so much of it. we too have been living with a lot of annoying broken stuff around the house ever since the baby arrived. it seems that unless something is life threatening, sleep takes precedence. i saw a neurologist late in pregnancy too - for carpal tunnel and some other weird issues! sorry to hear your carpal tunnel continues... good thing you have that nice smelly baby to distract you.

The Ellis Family said...

Oh, I love the smell of babies, too! Sorry about the constipation thing, that stinks, or rather doesn't stink, lol. We too had to "help it along" once, not something I would choose to do again. So glad to hear that you all are getting along so well! Hope the carpal tunnel clears on it's own.

Anonymous said...
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Big Girl said...

Don't know you but...Ah yes, the baby who doesn't poop. I had the same issue with my first. I was so worried that I took his rectal temp and gave him enough prune juice/water to bloat a goat and he exploded in the middle of Nevada on a road trip. PS Trucker restrooms suck.

Angie said...

@Big Girl - The nurse at my pediatrician briefly considered suggesting prune juice but thought better of it. I am so glad other methods worked before I had to resort to yours... Sounds absolutely awful!