Monday, December 7, 2009

The latest on the Bunny

The little Bunny has been home for three weeks, with hardly a mention here. Fear not! The reason is not that she isn't top of mind. Rather, she's a dream of a baby: sleeps well, eats well, hardly ever cries unless she needs to eat or sleep. She is partial to being cuddled, which is hardly a sin.

For the record, I am thus far convinced that the jump from zero kids to one is far harder than going from one to two. Perhaps we have just lucked out with such an easy baby, but I think it's more attributable to our already being in the baby frame of mind. Yeah, we're way behind on sleep, and having two girls at home means naps are but a pleasant memory (somewhat akin to golf, spur-of-the-moment travel and raging all-night parties). But the culture shock that we felt with the Bug - caused in part by the loss of the aforementioned pleasures - isn't here this time around. We've already been in kid mode; we've just upped the ante.


georgia said...

That's awesome! Glad to hear the Bunny is doing her part & being the best baby!!!! Cannot wait to meet her!

Cisco said...

It was nice to see all of you this weekend. Anya and Saide are both incredibly cute. See you guys soon.

greenwriters said...

It was very interesting to me at you. I shall be very glad to see you on my blog