Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's acceptance speech

I haven't watched much of the Democratic convention, although I've been impressed with what I've read of the transcripts. Notably, Jim Leach articulated brilliantly why Republicans and Democrats alike should be supporting Obama. And Hillary Clinton, who I admittedly would have loved to see on stage last night, was amazing in her keynote on Tuesday.

I have been incredibly concerned to see polling numbers at a dead heat between McCain and Obama prior to this week. I am not one of the people who has been totally enamored with Obama, but neither am I one who could care less whether he's connected enough or trustworthy enough (or other such irrelevant nonsense) to be elected. I really thought he could have better capitalized on some of the gaffes McCain has made recently; his eloquent but long-winded style seemed no longer inspiring. So it was with a great deal of interest and curiosity that I watched Obama last night.

He was fantastic. All of my reservations have been put to rest, and I am thrilled to support him wholeheartedly. He took the fight to McCain, he started to outline the specifics of his platform, and he proved himself ready to talk about the issues that matter rather than the ones that do not. Sure, questions remain, like how exactly he will fix our broken healthcare system, but he squarely addressed the miserable failures of the Bush administration with a focus on how McCain has agreed with it. He illustrated why this moment in time is critical, why keeping the status quo would be a debacle. And yes, he inspired... he inspired me to believe that Americans really aren't stupid enough to put McCain into the White House. We can win!

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