Thursday, August 7, 2008

Broadway Brett: another old dude

All of the recent Brett Favre drama has made me chuckle. A little nauseously, perhaps, but definitely a chuckle. He retires, then he un-retires, then the Packers don't really want him back but he only wants to go to their top rivals, then today he lands with the New York Jets. Joker's a huge Jets fan - season tickets, the whole nine yards - and did not greet this news with joyful celebration. His response was to point out that Favre is older than he is. ("What's next? Are the Jets gonna get Dan Marino out of retirement??")

So I spent part of my train ride fondly reminiscing about Favre's early years in the NFL, when he was the first superstar who was roughly my own age. Now, I see him as too old to play. Funny how your perspective changes so quickly! Luckily my other key observation, that he was a hottie, was obliterated long ago by his abysmal acting skills.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Ange - he's still a hottie. And, I liked him in that movie. You have to remember that he wasn't actually acting - he was playing Brett Fav-ra, after all.


Anonymous said...

It would be safe to say he's the Jay-Z of football, def.