Monday, August 13, 2007

The trouble with mothers

Does every mother drive every daughter absolutely crazy? Will my tiny, perfect little Bug someday be driven crazy by *me*?

As mothers go, mine is just about as good as a girl can hope for. Not just because she's put up with a great deal of crap from my brother, my sister and myself. But because she really instilled in us all the need to think for ourselves and to build our own lives. My mom and I have never had the explosive, blow-out fights that she and my sister have had, but she can absolutely drive me up a wall. During each of her last three visits - including the week when the Bug was born and Mom did all of the cooking and cleaning and errand-running - she put me through the ceiling more than once.

I really would love to believe that I'll be the coolest mom on the planet, a kind of Lorelai Gilmore meets Joyce Summers. Cool, fun, hip, yet sensible, understanding, and the Bug's emotional rock. But from the time she's 12 until the time she's 35 (excepting the college years, when she'll only talk to us a couple of times a year) will the Bug actually think I am insane and completely out of touch? If it can happen to my Mom, how do I break the cycle?

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