Friday, August 24, 2007

Travel with baby

We took the Bug on her first vacation: a five-day trip to visit my family in Colorado. We really wanted to introduce her to her great grandparents, and thought we should do it before I go back to work since god forbid I actually take any vacation later this year!

The pediatrician recommended that we buy the Bug her own seat and carry her carseat on to the plane. We of course declined to do this, not only because we purchased our tickets late and they cost a fortune. So we were going to carry her on and hold her during the flights. Terrifying.

In reality, travel wasn't so bad. We learned a few lessons. First, it takes a very long time to mobilize when you have a baby. I woke an hour and a half before our 6:30am departure time in order to get myself ready, zip up our already-packed bags , pour the coffee, and feed the Bug; she and I were ready with not a minute to spare. Second, if you hope to sleep on the plane, you need that extra seat. There was an empty middle seat on our return flight, so we were able to bring her carseat on the plane. It was much more pleasant. I don't know that it was $500 more pleasant, but it was definitely better. Third, if you are visiting your family, you will not hold your own child. Nor will you feed her, bathe her, or change her diapers. You might get to play with her, but only if her grandparents are in the front row and you're watching from behind. Bug even slept in a pack-n-play in my parents' room; she was up, fed and dressed every morning before I saw her.

We're already looking forward to the next visit with the family... and I know that the Grands and the Great-Grands are, too! I doubt we'll be back out there before Christmas time, but I won't be surprised to see my parents out here yet this year.

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