Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ah-choo, sniffle-sniffle, cough cough

So our household has gotten a bug, and gotten it good.  Not the nice Bug, although she was the first to come down.  Poor little thing had a fever for hours on Sunday night, barely budged from the couch on Monday... and *still* had a temperature last night so is on day three of stay-at-home.  Luckily she feels pretty fine, so I picked up her missed class work to keep her busy today.

The Bunny got it last night.  After a great day of school, she was whiny and crying during dinner (which was pasta; the food clearly could not have been the cause).  Lo and behold, fever there, too.  So she's home, too.  And she also feels pretty fine.

I might be the most pathetic.  I'm all sniffly, achy, freezing (especially in my office, where I have on snow boots, my hat, a warm sweater and a scarf - no joke - it's terrible), coughing, feverish and headachy.  So I'm a somewhat lousy Doctor Mom.  Which I suppose is why I'm at work and Joker is home with the girls.

Joker's been home free.

On the plus side, with any luck this will be long gone before Christmas celebrations begin in earnest.  (Although let's be honest here... there's a fairly good chance of Joker contracting it right before we leave for my extended family party on Sunday afternoon.  Right?)

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