Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Holy massive monolith!

Devils Tower, the final destination on our road trip, was the one place I'd hoped was as cool as I'd remembered it.  It was every bit as incredible, and more.

The drive from South Dakota to Devils Tower is another beauty.  As you leave the Black Hills, the earth becomes a rich red color, and there are bluffs and mesas and hills that were all carved by the Belle Fourche river.  The first view of the monolith is a shock, and as you get closer it only grows more fantastic.

We hiked the 1.5-mile Tower Trail which circles the base of Devils Tower, but there are a number of trails that wind through the red river basin as well.  The boulder fields around the base of the tower are totally on limits, and the Bug and Joker climbed as high as non-technical climbers are allowed.  The hike was fun and easy, and the crowds really thin out as you get away from the parking lot and visitor center. 

The drive back to Evergreen was a long one, especially since the two girls had us stopping at every rest area in Wyoming.  But after some fairly lame rain we were gifted with one of the prettiest sunsets I've seen.  The verdict?  One very successful road trip.

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