Friday, June 14, 2013

Hiking. Snow White. Big dancing chicken.

This evening we did something totally out of the ordinary with the kids.  We went to the Theatre-Hikes Colorado presentation of (a very interesting) Snow White, where we launched from the Buchanan Rec Center and hiked through the adjacent park.  It was a great call; we all loved it.

Snow White.  With chicken.
A little background on the organization.  Originally founded in Chicago ten or so years ago, Theatre-Hikes came to Colorado in 2009.  Tonight was their inaugural Evergreen performance.  Their usual venues are Chautauqua Park in Boulder and the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Their goal: to combine theater and the outdoors.  In this they succeed very well.  It's a short hike (in our case, very low intensity along a paved trail) between scenes.  The actors move ahead followed by the audience, and we set up our blankets (and poured another glass of wine) as we arrive at each new space. 

Fans on the move
We lucked out with a perfect evening: beautiful and sunny but not too hot.  The show itself was fun.  It's a quirky adaptation of the traditional fairy tale, told primarily from the perspective of the girl who grows up to become the wicked stepmother.  There's also a giant chicken with a fondness for jazz.  (Trust me; it works.)  The acting was solid - far better than I'd expected - and the jokes were funny to everyone from the Bunny on up to the gray hairs in attendance. 

The dwarfs
I'm just hoping that they'll bring their fall performance of Jekyll and Hyde to Evergreen so that we can round up a posse to join us!

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