Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring break in Steamboat

Last week (plus the previous Friday, but who's counting?) was our spring break.  We used the opportunity to get the kids back up to Steamboat for a few days, but this time they skied with us! With great success, might I add.

After a couple of hours playing in the powder with a good friend, we met up with the dads and the kids.  The Bunny was pretty wiped - we timed it precisely for nap time - so Joker took her back to the condo to rest.  The Bug and her buddy went up the gondola with us.  Even though she has skied blues before - and even though she's got great skills - we did learn an important lesson: Don't push too hard on the first run.  We took the kids down a blue, and it was steeper than the Bug's comfort zone.  After some tears and cajoling, we caught up with the green run and made it to the bottom.

After that, she did a zillion runs down her fave green over the next 24 hours.  She did great.

The following morning I spent on the bunny hill with the Bunny, and at Steamboat that means she was riding the chair lift.  Which she absolutely loved.  She did great - finally made turns in both directions.  We had a "snack" of pizza, mac and cheese and a hot chocolate at 10:45.  We made more runs on the bunny slope, then hit a nice long green with the rest of our crew.  Success.

In addition to the ski fun, we had the pleasure of some great meals and fun with friends from CO and visitors from NY.  Despite the total lack of photo evidence, it was a great spring break.

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