Friday, February 22, 2013

Self portrait with sister

The Bug has pretty much always been into art: coloring, painting, sculpting, whatever.  And she's pretty good at it.  One of the things she's been working on in school is attention to detail.  Her teacher wants to know the setting (Is the sun out?  Is it night time?), what the characters look like, that sort of thing.  [N.b., As part of her animal report about black panthers, she had to write/draw about what it eats.  She drew a smiling deer next to a smiling black panther... I guess the deer didn't know what was coming.]

All of this is pretty easy for the Bug - she envisions all of those details, and translating them to paper is intuitive to her.  She also enjoys making pictures for her sister, Mommy and Daddy, Mima and Boppie, Aunt Jessie, the baby cousins, etc., etc.  They don't always make it into the hands of the intended - she's always adding detail, and cutting them up.  I was able to snag this card to the Bunny before it was too destroyed.  Inside she wrote, "I love you [Bunny]. You r the best.  From [Bug]"

As you can see here, the front of the card depicts the Bug (on the left), the Bunny, a smiling bumble bee, dragonfly and butterfly, an ant hill, and an owl in a little tree.

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