Saturday, January 5, 2013

Taking down Christmas

We had a pretty great Christmas season... Four days on the snow, gatherings of family overload fun, Saint Nick's generosity (and that of the rest of the fam), lots of laughs with good friends.  And today, I'm finally getting around to the part I hate.  Un-decorating.

Putting up Christmas is fun - I love every ornament (with the possible exception of my old E.T. globe, of which Joker is particularly fond), especially those we've bought on vacations near and far.  I love breaking out the Christmas music.  I love hanging the stockings.  I love the decorations that have been passed down to us over the years, and those that were more recent gifts.

But packing that stuff up?  Ugh.  I'm certainly not listening to any of that music for quite some time.  I always have miscellaneous junk that somehow doesn't fit into the boxes.  I really, really hate unstringing all those damn lights.  I get bummed taking down all the photo cards.  It's got to be one of the lamest days of the year. 

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