Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dear Bug, Dear Bunny,

My dear, sweet, sleeping little things.  We're going to be attending two weddings this week - not just Daddy and me, but you, too.  So even though you don't yet know what that means, I have already thought about what I want to tell you.  And here is part of it.

Dear girls, I hope that one day you marry.  If you want to.  And if you find someone you love, and who loves you, and who will be your teammate.  And if you don't marry, that's OK.  But you need to be true to yourself.  Find someone who believes what you believe, values what you value, knows your incredible worth.  Don't compromise.

I know that before that day, your heart will be broken.  You'll think that your life can't go on, that you'll never feel whole again.  You'll wish you hadn't fallen in love.  And your heartbreak will break my heart.  But I will know, before you will, that your first heartbreak will make you stronger, and will make you love more deeply.  And it will get better.  The sun will come back out.

And before that day, I want your life to be easy.  But it might not always be.  And when it's not, I hope that you will come to me with the hard questions.  If you have questions about love, or sex, or sexuality, or freaking zombies... I am here.  I might not know the answers, but I will help you find them.  I'm not the strongest person you know, but I will always strive to be a pillar for you.  I may not always succeed, but I will try my hardest.

Know yourself.  This is harder than you think.  But the more comfortable - and confidant - you are about who you are, the better you will be able to give yourself in love... and to know when it's not really love, but something else in disguise.  When you marry, or you don't, remember that the only person you will always be with is YOU.  And you are wonderful, and fun, and smart, and worth it. 

More than anything, I want you to be strong, self-sufficient, smart women.  I want to help you achieve that.  And I want you, my amazing little girls, to be happy. 


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