Friday, August 26, 2011

Yep, I'm a Gleek

Have you seen Glee yet?  Seriously??  It is like the most awesome show since Buffy, I shit you not.  How in the world am I only just discovering it?

We just finished Season 1, and the third season starts in a few weeks.  Do yourself a favor: GET IT!!  STREAM IT ON NETFLIX!! It's excellent.

The show is about a show choir filled with misfits: a social outcast, a gay guy, a kid in a wheelchair, a stuttering Asian girl, a fat black chick.  Then, under the guidance of a new club teacher, things begin to change.  The kids are awesome, and they are totally a lesson in perseverance and acceptance.  The singing is out of this world.  Doogie Howser has a 3-episode guest star run (and other stars like Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenowith, Olivia Newton John appear), Joss Whedon directs an episode, the songs range from Journey to Lady Gaga with everything in between.  Sue Sylvester is a character for the record books in both bitchiness and awesome.  In short, there's nothing not to love. 


Paul said...

I am with you Angie. Kerri and I always make sure to watch it...and I must admit I am a fan of the music and showmanship.

Angie said...

Paul, I will get you hooked on Buffy if it is the last thing I do. Your TV tastes run way too awesome + cheesy for you not to love it. Plus, totally feminist. Rock on.