Sunday, February 13, 2011

All you need is love

So I think the holiday is inane, but all the same... Happy St. Valentine's Day!

I spent about 3 1/2 hours this morning working with the Bug on her valentines for school - she had to "sign" 20 of them.  Plus, the ones we bought only had 8 envelopes for about 25 cards (WTF??), so we had to improvise the rest by folding them shut and securing with tape.  Luckily, the Bug is in a major tape phase right now. But still - 3 1/2 hours?  Wow.

One day last week, she brought this card home from school.  She made it for the Bunny.  And she signed her name at the bottom.  I think it's awesome.

Unrelated P.S.  The Bunny thinks she knows where her various body parts are.  When you ask where her tummy is, she lifts up her shirt and points at her belly button.  But, when you ask where her nose is, she does the same thing.  Hilarious, but not necessarily a sign of advanced intellectuality at work. 

P.P.S., also unrelated.  So my brother's wife is pregnant with twins, bringing my Sisters-in-law With Twins percentage to 100.  Awesome, right?!!  Also, pretty freaky.  Does this mean I'm totally doomed if I get pregnant again?  Or is it the opposite - too close for comfort is actually within the safety zone - no way I'd get hit, too?  I could argue this one either way.  Nonetheless... Congrats, Shane & Ali!

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