Thursday, December 30, 2010

EWR to DEN (and back again)

We got back last night from a week-long holiday celebration with Mima and Boppie (and Aunt Jessie, Uncle Shane, Aunt Ali, the great-grands and a whole pile of other aunts, uncles and cousins).

Travel with a 3.5-year-old and a 1-year-old is... well, let's just say it's not fast. Airport lines are longer than they have ever been, and if you saw our little family of four re-shoe, re-coat, re-laptop and gather up our "liquid exception items" (the girls' milk and medicine) after passing through security, you would be amazed we actually made our flights.

We did make them both, and I can share some critical advice. First, direct flights only. Don't bother with connections, especially in December. We've been nearly stranded in Chicago, and who could forget our 3-day stay at the Hartford Airport? We no longer leave that portion of the trip to chance. Flights cost too damn much - and holidays with family are too important - to spend excessive time in airports. Which, incidentally, all suck.

The second word of advice is to put every butt in a seat. I know, I know: flights are too damn expensive (see above). But now that people have to pay to check bags and carry-on space is at an even higher premium, putting the baby in a seat makes a huge difference - we need those two extra carry-ons for all the girls' stuff. Plus, it frees up mommy and daddy's hands to find snacks, find milk, wipe up spilled milk, take the preschooler to the potty, take her again, scoop her up and run to the potty before the landing gear comes down, read books, pick up the books the baby throws and, if it is truly going that smoothly, enjoy a cold beer.

The Bug, on the other hand, thought that the airport was "really fun" and her favorite part of the flight was "blast off." She also liked the seat belts, and kept Pandy, Princess Dolly and Yellow Baby safe and sound.

I'll share more about our holiday fun times (including pictures) soon, but until then I hope you and yours had lovely holidays!

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