Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paris and Provence

Sorting through a stack of what I thought was just bills and junk mail, I found two other postcards from Mima and Boppie's trip to France.  The first was sent at the start of their trip, written while they were looking at Notre Dame.  The Bug was extremely amused by this one.  Not only does the cat look like our little buddy Sirius, but Joker bought this print when he was in France years ago and we have it hanging in one of our bathrooms.

The middle of their trip was spent in Provence.  They sent this from the town of Cassis, and told us of the calanques (essentially French fjords) between this town and Marseilles - long, deep, narrow inlets filled with the cerulean water of the Mediterranean.  Sounds like a place we have to see for ourselves someday!

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