Thursday, October 8, 2009

Arches and Canyonlands

After the incredible success of our Acadia trip, Joker and I have been talking a lot about the National Parks being good destinations for us in the coming years. They're beautiful, there's a lot to do for both kids and adults to enjoy, and we're really not the annual-trek-to-Disneyland kind of people.

Utah has been one place we've talked about: it boasts several stunning parks, and it's relatively close to my parents so we could probably meet there and enjoy a vacation together. It just so happens that Mima and Boppie scoped out the place last weekend!

In one postcard they say that both the Canyonlands and Arches overload the senses. In the other, they mention that lots of kids were having fun climbing on the rock formations. Perhaps next year we will be counted among their number... it certainly sounds like we'd all enjoy it!


georgia said...

That looks beautiful & I am with you on National Park trip outings! Your trip to Acadia has actually gotten me thinking for next year. Keep the Myers' in mind in planning ~ we'd love an outing with the Okie Dokies!

MoabUtah said...

And besides the National Parks, the Colorado River offers a 4 hour tour by calm water jetboat toward canyonlands to see the park from the bottom looking up at the rim, of rafting is simple enough for a five year old child on the Daily -- just plain fun. If you'd rather have whitewater seek Westwater or Cataract Canyons. Well worth it compared to Grand Canyon's Colorado River trip that lasts 6 days, costs upwards of $3000. There is so much to do. Can't wait for you to write it up when you make it.