Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big girl bed

According to the pediatrician, the Bug was ready for a big girl bed a couple of months ago, and she only fell out of one once while we were on vacation in Maine. We recently ordered her bed, and today I thought I'd take care of the bedding. Apparently I have not bought that stuff in a very long time... I could not BELIEVE the number of choices! Keep in mind here, she's just two years old.

It's not just a twin mattress - it's either firm or plush or cushion firm or extra plush. It's not just sheets, it's different types of cotton, different weaves, and thread counts ranging from 200-1000. It's not just pillows, it's down or synthetic or memory foam. Several hours - and quite a few payments - later, I believe I have everything we need.


Stacey said... i have to know what you ended up with...:)

Angie said...

Let's see...
We have a cushion-firm mattress, two sets of white sheets, a totally cute brown/orange/hot pink comforter set, two down pillows (totally unnecessary, but what the hell), and a mattress pad. Still no blanket, but I suppose since it's August we can wait on that one!